Student Government & Leadership

Let Your Lives Speak - George Fox Quote At SSFS

In the Middle School, students have opportunities for leadership as representatives on FLAME (Friends Leading And Mentoring Everyone), as clerks of the Student Meeting for Business (Governance Committee), and on other various school-wide or local committees [i.e. Traditions Committee (school-wide), Climate Committee (MS committee)]. Additionally, students may also have opportunities to attend conferences related to peace, Quakerism, and diversity during the school year.


Student Government Overview

Our Flame Representatives Lead The Middle School Meeting For Business


Two students from each grade (one male and one female) are nominated and selected to serve on FLAME for one year. This body serves as the student government for the Middle School. Students selected as grade representatives have many leadership roles within their individual grades as well as within the entire community. The group meets about once a month. FLAME meetings are run by the Governance Committee and often FLAME sets the agenda for the Student Meeting for Business. Additional duties may include running class meetings, listening to classmates, making class announcements, bringing student concerns to the attention of the faculty, serving on the Standards Committee, and helping new students.


Governance Committee And Student Meeting For Business

Governance Committee Clerks

Each May students nominate and select a clerk, co-clerk, and recording clerk for the following school year. The clerk serves as leader of the Governance Committee, runs Student Meeting for Business (SMFB), and leads and makes announcements in Collection. The co-clerk serves on the Governance Committee, helps the clerk with all his/her duties, and takes the place of the clerk if he/she is absent. The co-clerk position is essentially a clerk-in-training position and is therefore only open to rising 6th or 7th graders because after the co-clerk completes his/her year in training he/she becomes clerk for the next school year. The recording clerk also serves on the Governance Committee, is responsible for taking notes and recording all necessary events that occur in SMFB, FLAME meetings, and class meetings, and helps the clerk and co-clerk with all other leadership responsibilities. The recording clerk can be nominated from any grade.

Middle School Students Gather Together For Their Student Meeting For Business

Student Meeting For Business

About once every eight weeks, students and faculty in the Middle School participate in a Student Meeting for Business (SMFB). The meeting, which is borne out of a Quaker Meeting for Worship, is a time for students to sum up the work that their committees have been doing, to talk about a community issue or concern, and to make pertinent community announcements. The ultimate goal of any Quaker Meeting for Business is to discern truth from the members of the meeting and help clarify matters of business for all members. The SMFB has the same objectives. It is run by the clerk and co-clerk from the Governance Committee.n this committee.



Student Committees

MS Diversity Committee Member Participating In Black History Month

Student Committee Clerks

Once a cycle for 35 minutes, all Middle School students participate in Student Committees. Students organize themselves into various committees whose goals include making our Middle School community a better place. The students nominate and select clerks to lead the committees for one school year as well as determine their charges and objectives for the school year using the Quaker process. Past committees include, Community Service, Energy Garden, Governance & Climate, Nursing Home, Sports Stewardship, Event Planning/Fundraising, Heart in Hand, Heart and Pen, George Fox, Library and Multicultural.

Climate Committee

Each year the Middle School forms a Climate Committee to review, evaluate, and/or suggest ways to improve the climate and culture of the Middle School. The committee is made up of faculty, administrators, students, and parents. The committee’s charge is to represent the different voices of the Middle School in the area of school climate as it relates to student behavior, the atmosphere/ethos of the school, and value and character education. Two students from each grade (one male, one female) are nominated and selected through Quaker process to serve on this committee.