Revealing the Unique Strengths of Our Students.

Inquire now to find out how Sandy Spring Friends School identifies and cultivates each student's social, intellectual, and extracurricular passions.

Why Sandy Spring Friends School?

  • 150 exceptional faculty and staff serve as lifelong mentors to our students and emphasize collaboration through our QRA (Question, Reflection, Action) model of learning.
  • 140-acre campus, including 2 solar fields, and a community farm that supplies produce for lunches.
  • 14 countries represented by our international student population in the Middle and Upper School, allowing for diverse perspectives and a global community of learners.
  • 2 gymnasiums, including an Athletic Complex with a fitness center and 40-foot climbing walls plus playing fields and 6 miles of cross-country trails.
  • 15 domestic and international trips offered in the Middle and Upper School.
  • 15 theater performances each year across the Lower, Middle, and Upper School.

The curriculum here is what I want because there’s an emphasis on things other than strictly achieving academically. The teachers are great, and if a student decides they want to go to an ivy league, the resources are here for them to get that opportunity; they will be challenged and everything they want will be met or exceeded. But, there’s also that liberty to be your own person… if you want to go off and do music, or be an artist, or take a gap-year to go to Spain, all these things are encouraged at Sandy Spring Friends School because it’s about the pursuit of meeting your individual full potential.

-Pierre B.
SSFS Parent