Morley Games and Intramural Sports

Morley Games

Former SSFS faculty member Barry Morley created cooperative team games with fun names such as Friedelfrappe, Frazleerham, Brindledorph, Hoop-a-Doop and Nurdleybawl in the 1960s and 70s as a way for our small, growing student population to participate in team sports. Although the School is now large enough to field more traditional team sports, SSFS students still enjoy these fun and cooperative team sports. Morley Games are offered as a PE course in the Upper School, and students from all divisions traditionally play Morley Games together in the afternoon of Community Day.


Intramural sports are offered to Upper School students three times a week as an after-school activity in which skills are emphasized through a tactical games approach method. Students are actively participating in specific sport game play to gain experience and an appreciation for that sport. Intramurals do satisfy the physical activity requirement

Intramural Offerings:
Fall: Kickball and Coed Soccer
Winter: Morley Games
Spring: Basketball and Badminton

See the Morley Games Booklet for the history and rules of the games.