Arts at SSFS

The Sandy Spring Friends School Arts Department seeks to expose each student to many artistic disciplines. Through a sequential and cumulative curriculum, students are encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with artistic expression.

The SSFS Arts Program provides study of many art forms for the historical and cultural contributions of their canons, for their relationship to society, and for their importance to an individual's spiritual and intellectual growth. With clearly defined content and learning objectives, our arts curriculum can enable students to examine both visual and performing arts as integral parts of daily life, creating a common language with which students communicate and interpret the world.

Students enhance their knowledge, skills, creative expression, and personal values through multi-sensory experiences. By actively involving the students as observers, listeners, organizers, creators, and evaluators, the arts curriculum gives students the opportunity to become capable crafts-persons, able to express themselves and their views within their areas of artistic interest. Our goal is to provide a technical framework, opening the door for the artistic process.