Ninth Grade Program

Sandy Spring Friends School offers a rich transitional experience for ninth grade students linking the middle school years with the more intensive demands of the upper school program. The program is sensitive to the particular intellectual, social and emotional needs of 13 to 14-year olds as they enter late adolescence.

Most of the ninth grade classrooms are located in Hartshorne (see school map). This central location allows the students to maintain closer contact with their teachers, their peers, and their books and supplies. Other classes are held in Moore Hall and in the Science Center. The academic program allows for integration across the four basic subject areas of English, history, science, and mathematics. Additional required courses include:

  • Foreign language - French, Spanish, or Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Physical Education
  • Study Hall/Enrichment seminars: Quakerism; interpersonal relationships; leadership & teamwork; diversity appreciation, nutrition and body image; drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
9th Grade Camping Trip

The experiential components include:

  • Pre-school camping trip
  • Community service
  • Field trips
  • Team-building exercises
  • 9th Grade Play in November
    (100% participation)
  • Intersession

Every aspect of the program is required and built into the ninth grade schedule. We value each part of the program as an important educational growth experience. Each experiential component extends and enriches the core academic program. The ninth grade Intersession in recent years has traveled to the Florida Keys. It is primarily a curriculum-based trip with extensive amounts of community service. The cost is approximately $700.

Pre-school camping trip: There is a ninth grade camping trip that is a required part of the ninth grade program. This five-day trip occurs in late August. The trip includes hiking, canoeing and whole group activities at Catoctin Quaker Camp. There is no additional fee for this trip.

9th Grade Team

Six enthusiastic and experienced teachers lead this program. Other teachers work closely with this group. Their names, subject areas, and degrees are listed below.

9th Grade Team

Steff Kerr '89 9th Grade Program Director,
B.A. Wesleyan University, CT
Hannah Kerr '95 Arts, Dance,
Assistant 9th Grade Program Director
B.F.A. Virginia Commonwealth University
M.F.A. George Washington University, DC
Johanna Modak '07 Spanish B.A. Goucher College, MD
Josh Moffatt '02 US History,
Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach
B.A. Wheaton College, MD
M.A.T. University of Maryland
Kwame Darko


B.S. Guilford College, NC