Preschool Curriculum


Preschool Science Experiment


At Sandy Spring Friends Preschool, we hold firm in our belief that there are unique gifts within each child. Our supportive teachers help each child develop their strengths and talents as well as nurture their sense of self-worth and confidence, ensuring they are ready academically and emotionally ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Our Curriculum

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Preschool Language Arts

Language Arts


Our language arts program builds confidence in our students and expands their joy of language. Preschool students practice and develop a strong foundation of skills and, in so doing gain positive feelings towards the components of language and literature. Multi-sensory techniques are employed in the classroom.

Curriculum Guide: Language Arts

Preschool Math



Our teachers take every opportunity to integrate math throughout the curriculum and in daily routines. Our preschoolers become competent in basic math skills and learn to view math as fun, exciting, and relevant to their lives.

Curriculum Guide: Mathematics

Preschool Science



Children are inherently curious and full of wonder about their world. Our science program helps build upon their innate skills of observation and exploration by emphasizing hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

Each year, our preschool students collaborate to maintain two gardens for their classrooms. Students help to plant, maintain, harvest, and enjoy vegetables from their raised garden beds throughout the year.

Curriculum Guide: Science

Preschool Social Studies

Social Studies


Our social studies curriculum focuses on the SSFS school community. Many opportunities are provided to gather with other Lower School students throughout the school year.

From assemblies to weekly Meetings For Worship, our preschool students are integrated into the whole Lower School community. Relationships are also fostered with the Middle and Upper School students through a variety of activities including the Senior Buddy program.

Curriculum Guide: Social Studies

Preschool Arts



Our preschool arts program fosters a sense of pride, pleasure,, and accomplishment in each child's artistic ability while broadening their artistic knowledge base. The process of experimentation, creative thinking, and problem solving is the primary focus, rather than just the end product.

Curriculum Guide: Arts

Preschool Music



Our music program aims to foster a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of music by providing experiences that develop and continually increase musical skills while nurturing musical imagination and creativity. Preschoolers explore and expand their musical abilities through singing, moving, playing instruments, and listening to selected musical works.

Curriculum Guide: Music

Preschool Spanish



At age 3, our preschoolers are introduced to the Spanish language the same way they were introduced to their mother tongue. Our preschoolers listen to commands in the target language, get accustomed to the correct pronunciation through singing and chanting, and learn vocabulary words about colors, body parts, transportation, and other words that relates to their daily lives.

Curriculum Guide: Spanish

Preschool Physical Ed

Physical Education


Our preschool physical education program encourages enjoyment of physical pursuits throughout life by helping students be successful and comfortable in a variety of active games, dance, and exercise. Our Quaker values are stressed in play to build sportsmanship and teamwork. Our learning approach is developmental – accepting and challenging individual levels of fitness, skill acquisition, and understanding of strategy.

Curriculum Guide: Physical Education


Other Preschool Curriculum Highlights

  • Our preschool understand the Value of Play and offers a number of opportunities to explore, develop, and have fun—inside our classrooms and outdoors on our beautiful campus!

  • Our Library program, fostering a love of books and teaching information skills to our students.

  • Building age-appropriate Life-Skills to nourish a respectful and caring classroom community and develop essential emotional and social learning competencies.

  • Preschool students participate in Community Service activities that help them foster compassion for their local community and develop a sense of responsibility.

A Closer Look

We invite you learn about our Lower School and the larger community by meeting our Lower School faculty and staff, taking a look at our Viewbook, or coming for a visit to see our classrooms in action!